What we've been up to

2022 has kicked off with an exciting range of events, here are some of the highlights. 

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May 2022: Chasing Cow Productions: two comic films

This group of highly motivated and talented individuals showed two films, the first of which was a comic sketch in which a group of 1920s modernists apply for current day Arts Council funding online. Their grant application went reasonably well until they had to complete a ‘CAPTCHA’ (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) which asked them to tick all the boxes containing pipes. The presented a particular problem “Ceci n'est pas une pipe” as Magritte might have said.
Their second film was ‘Brink by Brink’ followed a local girl’s experimentation with witchcraft and local folk law, in an effort to steal the heart of a man, with darkly comic results. Beautifully acted and shot using local but not so well-known locations, director Fred Warren followed it with a presentation which examined the screen influences behind the filming style and unusual production methods of the group and a Q and A with the writers and cast.


June 2022: Ayurvedic facial with Belinda Silcox

Bel of Dorset Massage has trained in remedial bodywork and massage and works with your physical, mental and emotional energies to bring them back into balance. She talked us through some of the fundamentals of Ayurvedic massage, Marma points, essential oils and aromatherapy. Then, after helping us clean our faces with rosewater and anointing our hands with essential oils took us through a fully interactive demonstration of version of this ancient massage routine.
Twenty seven ladies emerged with slightly oily hair and very big grins. One member was unable to take part due to a broken wrist.

Bel was a really natural, funny and highly engaging speaker, we definitely need to invite her back for more hands-on demonstrations.


Crafting: Corgies

Our May-June crafting events involved making knitted Corgis as part of in the WI’s Where’s Queenie competition.

Knitting corgis proved quite a challenge, some attended the Loders Platinum Picnic and they all came to the June meeting.


July 2022: Members only Garden Party

Our event in July is Members Only Garden Party at Askerswell With crafting

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