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​Loders is a village and civil parish in the English county of Dorset, located 2 miles north-east of Bridport. It is a linear village, sited in the valley of the River Asker, between Waddon Hill and Boarsbarrow Hill, with residents numbering approximately 507 (2019).


The parish of Loders comprises 3 settlements; Uploders to the east, Yondover to the west of Uploders and finally to the west of this is Lower Loders, now known as Loders.

Loders and surrounding areas in West Dorset are renowned for the bronze age & iron age earthworks and barrows found in the locality.

Strip lynchets are particular to this area and we are quietly proud of this unique landscape that surrounds our village.   Strip lynchets are vertical earth terraces found on the side of a hill and are a feature of ancient field systems of the British Isles that are predominant in this area.  They were often used as terraces for agricultural use.   Loders lynchets form part of the Conservation area of Uploders and Loders and maps from 1800 indicate that cider orchards were planted on some of the lynchets in the area. (Wikipedia)


Logo image designed and produced by Loders WI member, Rosemary Hendry.  With thanks.

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